Corporate Signage That Matches Brand Identity

Applications Engineering Ltd approached us wanting corporate signage that truly reflected their logo and strong brand identity

The corporate sector is a significant part of our work. From small businesses to enormous visual brands like Accessorize and even governmental organisations, we’ve worked with almost every high street brand you’re familiar with.

Brand Identity Design

Logo design being their expertise, for Applications Engineering Ltd the Graffiti Design team came up with corporate signs that mean business: minimalistic and modern, with an architectural element and colour palette rather reminiscent of NASA.

We digitally printed the logo, which was then reverse-applied to a 1200mm-diameter acrylic dome in a powder-coated aluminium housing. We also manufactured a low-level silver aluminium monolith with individual blue aluminium letters. 

Manufactured entirely in-house, each letter was hand-crafted by one of our expert craftsmen. 

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