Steel Monolith Retail Signage – Solar Powered and Efficient

Over the summer, our retail signage installation team have been kept busy with the installation of a new steel monolith in Ashdown Business Park, Sussex, home to many corporate offices and retail stores.

In this digital age, it’s easy to forget how visual brands need to be to feature in our lives. We no longer notice how many logos flash before our eyes on the screen. However, in the brick and mortar world, branding and store signage are the rather more stolid equivalents of rapid-fire adverts on our devices. For this task, they need to be sturdy, durable, and – in this energy-conscious civilisation – as efficient as possible. 

For this particular project, it was decided that a monolith equipped with a solar power system was best, as the retail signs needed no lighting in the day, but would store daylight for use during the night time. 

Monoliths are powered by solar cells and panels with unique controllers, allowing for management of power usage and extension of battery life. Over time, the system cost is paid back in time and energy saved.

Signage Specs and Fabrication

Entirely custom-built and manufactured in-house at Graffiti Design’s state-of-the-art premises, our sleek monoliths of 316 stainless steel and powder-coated aluminium each weigh three-quarters of a ton, standing at 4 metres high. Each structure was lifted into place by a £245k articulated truck-mounted Hiab with a 26-metre reach. Talk about heavy lifting!

The retail signs themselves were CNC cut, laser cut, fabricated and manipulated, shaped, joined and finished by hand.

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