GdiTRAX: Sign Lighting System of the Future

Graffiti Design and the Rise of LED

From trough lights to colour-changing bulbs, LED sign lighting is becoming ever more prevalent in signmaking. As a lighting source, LED lights are being used more and more, becoming extremely important to the signmaking industry and its customers alike. 

But demand and customer requirements are ever-evolving and accelerating in pace with the future. To give our customers added value and that crucial extra edge to their shop signage design, new systems and new techniques need to be developed and made available to the market.

At Graffiti Design, we develop high-quality components into systems that are easy to sell because of the obvious benefits enjoyed by the end user. We work tirelessly to bring the best signs we can to the market place, which means frequent innovation and regular investment in new technology, and constantly reviewing production methods and developing ideas.

A major part of our business is supplying LED-illuminated built-up letters. One question often raised by our customers is, How do we hide the wiring?

The solution? Graffiti Design suggests Gdi TRAX.

What is Gdi TRAX?

Our customers understand that technology is constantly developing, but what does this mean for them? Love-struck moths will always chase the light, but does it matter to them if the light is naked flame or white LED fairy lights?

An innovative modern system of transmitting power has been developed for LED illuminated built up letters called Gdi TRAX.

Essentially, this futuristic new solution is a cable-less way of delivering power to the individual built-up letters. 

Using a Gdi TRAX rod system, it internally feeds power to the individual letters, eliminating the need for unsightly cables between the letters, replacing them with a sleek and discrete 4mm wide stainless steel Gdi TRAX rod system. 

Consequently, there is no need for a sign tray to hide the power feed, or even for threading the cable through the fabric of the building upon which the letters are mounted.

Gdi TRAX Advantages:

    • Invisible wiring
    • Discrete
    • Cost-effective (no additional costs such as trays or drilling through walls)
    • Saves installation time
    • Can be used to finally fix built-up LED face-illuminated letters directly to glazing without the need to drill the glass.  
    • Seamless results. 

Talk about a futuristic twenty-first-century solution to a twentieth-century problem!

Big Names That Use Gdi TRAX

Although the Gdi TRAX system has not been on the market long, a number of prestigious high street names in retail and leisure have now specified this system, commissioning and installing it in a number of sites throughout the UK. 

Well-known users of this cost-efficient, attractive LED lighting system include:




Five Guys 


Vision Express

Card Factory

They’re not alone, either. More and more businesses are spotting the aesthetic and economic appeal of this new system. In times when it is important to stand out from the crowd, even some small independent businesses are specifying this style of sign.

How much does it cost?

Gdi TRAX is surprisingly affordable given the reduction of material cost and installation time. 

Like all bespoke projects, prices are subject to specification. 

To request a quote, please give us a call or contact our sales team. We will get back to you the same day.

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