Unique Halo LED Neon Retail Signage For Unique UK Restaurant

Back in 2018, we installed a huge variety of both internal and outdoor signage for Happy Bird on Whiteladies Road, Bristol. As another brick and mortar business rather than digital brand positioning, this involved a combination of decorative LED neon lights and wall art, as well as corporate and retail signage, in order to best grab customers’ attention.

As the UK’s only free-range chicken fast restaurant, Happy Bird needed to express their eco-friendly mentality and transparency in a fun, urban style. This meant a lot of custom neon LED lights, and a sign that says ‘Cluck and Collect’.

Our design team responded with a wide range of stylised signage, including exposed neon, LED halo illuminated letters on a perforated aluminium fascia, and printed birch plywood, to name just a few.

All signs were manufactured within Graffiti Design’s factory in Sussex.

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