Graffiti Design were approached by the design team at F1 arcade to produce some unique and ‘funky’ signage to correspond with the atmosphere they were creating. This project was delight to work on and has been featured in the newest edition of Premier Hospitality.

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Battersea PowerStation

Recently the famous Battersea Power Station opened its doors to the public for the very first time after transforming into a new retail centre.
Throughout 2022, Graffiti Design has had the pleasure of working with a variety of brands that opened their doors in the Power Station on the hugely anticipated opening day.

Bruce and the rest of the team at Graffiti have been invaluable on the Battersea project, which has presented many design challenges along the way. Being a heritage icon, we knew from the outset that signage would play a key part in the finished look and feel of the Power Station, which Bruce and the team have understood from the start. Working collaboratively together, Graffiti has provided invaluable advice and experience to help form a deliverable signage strategy across the building as well as implementing many of the tenant’s signs in a cohesive and coordinated fashion. They have been on hand when presented with unexpected challenges and found ways forward in a timely and calm manner right up to the last moment, always delivering what was promised. We’ve really enjoyed working with Graffiti and hope to continue doing so for years to come.

Becky Dockerill
Rawls, Senior Design Manager

Graffiti Design were approached by Rawls to develop the signage for all retail units within the iconic new shopping centre. Rawls had been appointed by the Battersea Power Station Development Company as Retail Guardians and Retail Delivery Consultants.
Due to our involvement with the signage development and innovation, Graffiti were on hand to deal with multiple projects at Battersea Power Station.
The first brand to approach us was Uniqlo, the Japanese casual wear and retailer. Uniqlo approached us with multiple enquiries for internal and external signage. From there, it evolved into an incredible client list, working with brands such as Aesop, Venchi, Zadig and Voltaire, Le Labo, Pinko, Rituals, Hackett, the list goes on as well as providing signage and graphics directly for the Battersea Power Station Development Company.
Each store ranged from illuminated shopfront signage, built up and flat cut lettering positioned onto glass shop fronts and aluminium panels and projecting signs, as well as large format wall graphics.

Battersea was an extended project throughout this year but seeing the signage once the Power Station doors opened up made it all worth it. It’s been a busy few months!
But that’s not all…

New brands are approaching Graffiti as they begin their Power Station journey. We’re looking forward to becoming ‘part of the furniture’ at this incredible retail destination.
Keep your eyes peeled for more.

Aerial view of Battersea Power Station, Battersea, London.

In the meantime, check out some more of our recent news below!

What’s new at Graffiti Design?

November already, how time flies.

As the end of the year is only a month away, why not take some time admiring a couple projects from this year, as well as exciting current projects that are coming soon.

Throughout the year we worked with our existing customers, Brewers, Knight Frank, Edwards, and Lush to manufacture new signage or update their pre-existing signage for several of their sites.

We produced a variety of different signage, ranging from printed graphics on aluminium sheets for projecting signs or printed vinyl graphics for window displays to illuminated shopfront signage.

One project we completed this year was Brewers, Bexhill.

Brewers have been a family run business for around 100 years and they are independent from any of the paint manufacturers. This allows them to be able to supply every brand of paint in their stores from over 180 decorating centres nationwide and online.  

For this site, we manufactured and installed an illuminated flex face sign which was then connected to an existing power supply to give off the desired cool-toned illumination. We also manufactured two ACM fascia signs, both non-illuminated reading “open to all” and one sign listing several brands that Brewers have in store. In addition, we manufactured one small ACM panel with digitally printed graphics reading the store’s opening times.

Some other works involved with this job was manufacturing two square frosted vinyl graphics to be placed on the glass of the storefront door, one thin ACM fascia sign with fully wrapped graphics, five flat foamex panels with digitally printed graphics, and finally, two relatively small window graphics to be applied to the store windows.

Overall this project took about two to three weeks to manufacture and two days to install with two crews. Throughout the year, we also manufactured and installed similar signage for a variety of other Brewers sites, such as Sevenoaks, Christchurch and many more.

Another pre-existing client that we worked with this year was White Stuff.

White Stuff is a British fashion and lifestyle brand that sells women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing, accessories, homeware and gifts in over 120 shops in the United Kingdom.

Throughout this year, we received enquiries from quite a few of sites, one of which being Guildford.

In comparison to Brewers Bexhill, White Stuff Guildford was quite a small job but enjoyable nonetheless.  For this site, we manufactured and installed three sets of thick acrylic letters which were router cut and then painted RAL 9003 semi-gloss white. These letters had hidden studs glued into the back which allowed them to be fixed into a pre-existing fascia. All three elevations were then illuminated via a long trough light, painted RAL 9005 black. The trough lights were positioned directly above the set of letters on each elevation, allowing the full fascia and letters to be fully illuminated and visible.

For this job, we also manufactured one internally illuminated aluminium projecting sign with stencil cut text, backed up with opal acrylic. We also manufactured three thick solid acrylic rimless letters with painted returns. During the production of this set of letters, each letter had internally embedded LED’s to allow for face illumination. The letters were then installed to a pre-existing timber fascia. The final signage produced for this project consisted of one slightly thick hardwood ply sheet being supplied with cable hole and cable channels created using a CNC router for pre-wiring.

In total, this project took around 18 hours to manufacture and one day to install.

During 2022, we have also been working with some new clients at Battersea such as Venchi, Uni Qlo, and many more.

You can read more here as well as keep an eye out for upcoming projects.

The year’s not over yet.

What’s New at Graffiti Design?

 What’s new in 2022?

Can you believe it’s March already?

No? Nor can we. 

It seems like only yesterday that we were donning our festive jumpers to raise money for Save the Children. Or getting ready to temporarily shut up shop while we ate way too many mince pies.

But it’s 2022, and we’re excited to be back in the swing of things!

A quick 2021 recap

Before we share what we’ve been up to this year, let’s do a quick recap of the end of 2021. This was a hectic period for us here at Graffiti Design – and, of course, we loved every single moment of it. 

Over the last 3 months of the year, we produced a brand new sign for Time in the Liberty Centre, Romford. We also partnered with SW Bruce to install signage for Giuseppe hairdressers in London. 

We also installed the first of many new letterboards for Lush. The first new signs are now looking amazing at the Lush concept store in Lincoln; you can find out more about that in our case study

It seems that 2022 is shaping up to be just as busy. 

Graffiti Designs in 2022

So far this year, we’ve already completed a number of exciting projects all across the country. And for those of you in London, you may have already caught a glimpse of some of our latest work. 

We were recently approached by estate agents Knight Frank to create opening times graphics for 29 of their London locations. Installing all 29 vinyls definitely did a number on our poor feet. But an opportunity to walk around one of the best cities in the world? That’s something we’ll never pass up. 

We’re taking on more projects than ever before, and that’s why we’ve decided to expand our in-house team this year. We’ll be bringing in even more amazing people with unrivalled skills. 

Over the next few months, we’re aiming to recruit new sign makers, technical drawing experts, spray painters, and powder coating technicians. This will ensure we’re always able to offer the unbeatable service our clients have come to expect from us. We’re also reaching out to young talent, bringing in new trainees so we can help develop and guide some of tomorrow’s leading sign makers and engineers. 

Finally, we’ve gone into 2022 with the vision that this year will be a year of sustainability. If you’ve been keeping up with our blog, you may remember that, at the end of 2021, we announced the launch of our new sustainability service. We developed this service to help retailers understand the ever-growing range of sustainable materials, and help them make the smartest choices for signage. 

We’re pleased to be able to say that the service is exceeding our expectations. We’re incredibly proud to be taking action to raise awareness of eco-friendly signage, and do our part to transform the industry. 

Hang on… what about Chip?

For those of you just here to find out how Chip’s doing (and who could blame you?), we’re happy to say that he’s as cheeky as ever. When he’s not chasing after tennis balls, he’s busy sorting quotes for our new and returning clients. Although he does nap on the job a lot!

Kinder to the Planet, One Shop Fit at a Time

Many UK retailers are now considering the sustainability of the materials used in their stores and showrooms to reduce the environmental impact of shop-fits.

Leading on from this and in the wake of COP26, Graffiti has launched a new sustainability service to bridge retailers’ knowledge gaps surrounding eco-conscious choices.

Sustainability in retail is changing

‘Greenwashing’ and tick boxing are becoming things of the past as retailers implement meaningful environmental and sustainability plans that ‘Greenwashing’ and tick boxing are becoming things of the past as retailers implement meaningful environmental and sustainability plans that extend to the eco-credentials of showroom fit-outs. As a result, demand for signage that (in all senses) ‘won’t cost the earth’ is increasingly on the agenda. Traditionally eco-choices have afforded premium prices; however, as demand increases, Graffiti see that price gap gradually closing and choices broadening.

Eco-credentials are now on the table

Re-usable messaging is proving increasingly popular. Barker and Stonehouse approached us wanting to communicate in-store messaging on re-configurable displays. As the first UK furniture retailer of scale to achieve Carbon Neutral Plus status, we knew that whatever we specified would need a sustainable edge. Aluminium seemed the obvious choice as it is incredibly versatile, lightweight, durable, and 100% recyclable. The resulting metal displays are built to last and shouldn’t see a recycling plant for many years to come. We’re now continuing the sustainability conversation by sharing news of several PVC-free display materials that have come to market.

Traditional artisan craftsmanship and materials are also on the rise again, including a renaissance for timber signage. In a new flagship concept store for Lush, not only did this lead the design towards a timber fascia and projector sign, Lush’s shopfitter actively reconditioned furnishings for use in-store. We’ve always worked closely with the team at Lush. In the past, we have made displays incorporating honey and letters made out of soap, recycled yoghurt pots and moss-covered board. Our team like to rise to a challenge!

What’s next?

As a company, we never want to be eco-militant; however, we’re looking to initiate meaningful conversations around sustainability with retailers. We hope that our sustainability service will highlight to retailers the ever-increasing range of eco-conscious materials that come to market. We’re looking forward to crafting solutions that are ever-increasingly kinder to the planet.

Graffiti Design’s services are employed by high street retailers, furniture stores, restaurants, pubs, estate agents, online concept stores, museums, heritage projects, leisure centres, corporate organisations and more. Contact Graffiti Design today, or read more about our signage process or see some of the large brand names we have worked with.

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