Signage that doesn’t cost the earth

As far as sustainability in the signage industry is concerned, the most talked about material is media.

In an attempt to grab attention, many brands try to outdo each other with the biggest and flashiest graphics. If not sustainable, these graphics can put a serious strain on the environment. If you value the planet and want to reduce your environmental impact, Graffiti can work with you to produce, maintain and discard your signage in a more sustainable way

Lush Signage Sustainability

Media matters

Ranging from PVC free digital print and coloured vinyls to recycled acrylics, Graffiti have a host of materials which can be used to help produce signage that is kinder to the planet.

By sharing knowledge about any new materials that have entered the market and are readily available for use, Graffiti hope to steer a movement  towards  greener signage alongside our forward-thinking customers.

Square Roots Signage Sustainability

Sustainable Lighting

We work almost exclusively with LEDS as they consume less power per unit of light emitted. This reduces greenhouse emissions from power plants.

LEDs also have a rated life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours.  This longer life span reduces the need for bulb replacement after every few months, thereby reducing landfill.

In addition, Graffiti can specify dimmers to set your signage at maximum % to help keep your LEDs cooler and further prolong life.

Central & Co Signage Sustainability

Artisan materials and craftsmanship

In an effort to minimise the use of plastic, many brands are choosing to return to more traditional styling and once again embracing materials such as timber, metal and even glass.

At Graffiti we have a love of design and a passion for traditional sign making techniques.