7 Reasons to use Sign Leasing

Graffiti Design is excited to announce that we can now offer all customers payments spread over 1-6 years through our sign leasing scheme setup with our partner Shire Leasing.

Here are 7 reasons why Sign Leasing could help your business:

1) Initial investment – Initial investment not needed as cost of signage spread across a 3 year term.
2) Increase Visual Impact – Due to the ability to spread signage costs a higher specification of product can be offered and opted for, thus increasing the visual impact of the installation and therefore the business.
3) Potential Increase in Business Performance – Due to the increased visual impact referred in (2) above there is a likelihood that the business performance will be better/increased.
4) Low Level Repayment – The levels of repayment are naturally determined by the market value of the installation, however, average costs are between £100-£150 per month.
5) Signage Ownership –  Upon completion of the final payment the sign unit is fully owned by the leasee.
6) Extended Warranty – In order to maintain the appearance of the sign installation across the term of the agreement Graffiti Design offers an
extended warranty. Under the terms of this warranty the sign is
maintained twice yearly where all components are structurally
checked and rectified where necessary and standard light
fittings are replaced for new.
7) Options at Term Completion – Upon completion of the final payment a replacement sign is offered to update that which would now be 3 years old. This can be paid for by ‘restarting’ the agreement again or by
‘outright’ purchase at a significantly discounted rate. Alternatively nothing need be done and the agreement simply concludes.

For more information on Sign Leasing contact us: sales@graffitidesign.co.uk