Signage bubbling along nicely

We recently completed some internal and external signage for Chaboba – Bubble Tea in the Wembley London Designer Outlet centre.

Chaboba are a really interesting business which is growing rapidly in the UK. They sell Bubble Tea which is made using tapioca pearls, it started in Taiwan and we think is something that everyone should try!

Wembley is the second store for Chaboba following their successful first store in Camden Lock, North London.

The signage that we created for Chaboba comprised of externally illuminated letters at the front of the store which needed to be fitted to buzz bars to carry the power between the letters, the buzz bar then needed to be fitted to the correct positions on the window mullions, so quite a precise job.

The letters themselves were illuminated using Sloan LEDs with rim and return aluminium letters and transluscent vinyl on the faces of the letters to ensure that the branding colours of Chaboba were matched exactly. The effect of the letters is really good and one of our letter makers commented that they were his “favourite set of letters” that he’d ever made!

Internally we used digitally printed graphics to brand the windows with the synonymous Chaboba Bubbles and this was continued around the interior of the shop to ensure that the branding was consistent and effective.

In summary we very much enjoyed working on this project and like to see a relatively new & innovative business flourishing. We like to grow with our customers and hope that should Chaboba expand further then we’ll be by their side helping with the signage and graphics.

If you have a project or would just like to pick our brains about what we do then please contact us and we’d be happy to help.