MJB Architecture

Graffiti Design was tasked with developing both large-scale identification and wayfinding solutions for key businesses within Sussex’s Ashdown Business Park.

Having already worked with MJB Architecture on a number of different projects, the expertise of the Graffiti Design team was called upon again. We were to assist with translating an original concept created by the leading architectural firm into a working, practical design.

Graffiti Design was tasked with developing both large-scale identification and wayfinding solutions for key businesses within Sussex’s Ashdown Business Park. It was agreed that we would deliver within two months despite the challenges of the UK lockdown. The team delivered on time, and within budget. We used soldering, welding, and structural adhesives to form the complex and eye-catching finished shape that has become a recognised icon of the business park.

Project details

Working with MJB Architecture’s original designs and drawings, Graffiti Design created three 316 marine grade stainless steel monoliths, each weighing around 0.5 tons. These would improve brand visibility for businesses across the Ashdown Business Park, and streamline both foot and vehicular traffic around the busy site.

Two of the monoliths were to be created with the intention of promoting and advertising key leisure and hospitality venues on site. The third was to act as a wayfinding solution, featuring a simplified map and exhaustive list of businesses occupying the park. To ensure the monoliths achieved these aims, Graffiti Design utilised a combination of structural mild steel for strength, and marine-grade steel and powder-coated aluminium for durability and aesthetics. Digitally printed media and solar technology were also employed. Installation was via an artic-mounted Hiab with a 27-metre reach… with every millimetre needed!

Transferring the architectural concepts to a practical, physical design was a complex yet clear task. Illuminating the monoliths proved to be a unique challenge for Graffiti Design, however. We discovered that mains power was unavailable at the intended locations of the structures. With battery-powered solar PV panels being the only suitable alternative, the Graffiti team worked to create a specialist programme to monitor light levels and activate the LED lighting only when necessary. This extended the life of the solar PV batteries.

Although an innovative, intelligently controlled system was sourced, the team faced yet another challenge, with the pandemic significantly affecting the global supply chain. Fortunately, a UK-based alternative was sourced. This allowed Graffiti Design to develop a one-of-a-kind programme that delivered essential power only when needed. As a result, the monoliths were easily visible, even in low light.

Services Rendered

Router Cutting
Timber Fabrication
Vinyl Printing

“We have worked with Graffiti Design on a number of projects over the years, and have always been delighted with the end results. So when we had to commission these specialist items, our first point of call was Graffiti Design. Following discussions with Colin, adjustments were made to allow for the siting of the solar panels; then we were ready to go. Despite placing the order at the start of lockdown, the work on the monoliths got underway, with the Graffiti team adhering to all rules and guidelines. Once our building contractors had put in place the concrete bases, Graffiti Design delivered and installed all 3 monoliths efficiently and without fuss. I would not hesitate to use Graffiti Design on future projects.”

Mike Barber – MJB Architecture