Loaf approached Graffiti Design when they were planning to expand their successful online furniture business to retail stores throughout the UK.

Loaf first approached us when they were planning to expand their successful online furniture business. They had never before presented their wares in a physical retail environment, so we needed to make a bold statement that was still recognisably the Loaf brand.

The first bricks and mortar Loaf store was launched in Battersea in September 2015, and was followed by several more retail outlets around the country. As an expert with more than 45 years experience, Graffiti Design are helping Loaf to translate their considerable online reputation into an easily recognisable part of the UK landscape.

Project details

We were tasked with designing a range of unique new signs, for which the client wanted a vintage look. As experienced sign makers, we employed every aspect of our extensive skill set to create the impression of signage scavenged from a variety of second-hand sources.

The long-term project we carried out for Loaf was exceptionally exciting for Graffiti Design. The brief to use new technologies and techniques provided a great stimulus for innovation – and some unique challenges. We were thrilled to develop some eclectic one-off signs, and to create some unique displays which help to make the sales environment an enjoyable customer experience.

The flagship showroom of Loaf in Kensington effectively demonstrates our guiding principles in this project. We created a special, interactive environment with engaging signage placed strategically around the sales exhibits. This attracts the customer’s eye and helps to maximise ROI on every square foot of the company’s retail space.

To carry out this project we utilised all the plant and technology at our disposal, including the following:

  • CNC routers
  • CNC pressbrake
  • In-house paint plant
  • Digital printers
  • Vinyl plotters

We used every type of material, from steel and aluminium to hand-painted images, creating the appearance of traditional and aged signs with a vintage appeal. This combination of computerised and traditional techniques allowed us to create a huge variety of finishes, helping to engage Loaf customers in a fun and interesting way.

Services Rendered

Router Cutting
Timber Fabrication
Vinyl Printing

“Our brief was to find a company who could create an eclectic array of signs which had to look like they had been made years ago, and had been picked up for next to nothing at a car boot sale…this wasn’t going to be an easy task! However, from our first meeting at Graffiti it was clear that if any company was going to be able to take our slightly off-beat signage ideas and drawings and bring them to life, it was going to be these guys.

And they didn’t fail us. The attention to detail, care and craftsmanship that

Graffiti applied to each of our signs was an art in itself. It has been so refreshing to work with a company who have been completely open to trying anything to create the exact finish we were after. And they did! From dusting and rusting to the perfect ‘warmth’ of light, it was all spot on. It’s no surprise that even though the Shack itself has only been open for a few weeks, we have received endless compliments about our ‘very cool’ signage. Well done and thank you guys. We are thrilled.