Graffiti Design were contracted by Halfords to survey, manufacture and install all internal signs and graphics for 100 stores nationwide.

The brief

We were contracted by Halfords to survey, manufacture and install all internal signs and graphics for 100 stores. The first part of this nationwide undertaking was to be completed in May 2019, and a further 114 stores were contracted to be finished in October. While undertaking a roll-out of this scale was a considerable task, we were delighted to have a happy and satisfied client at the end of it.

Project details

The task Graffiti Design was set by Halfords was part of a complete re-branding exercise known as the Peloton Project. It was to include all their internal signage and graphics. Halfords is one of the best-known names in the UK for all sorts of vehicle-related accessories. The company has been in operation for well over 100 years. It was important to convey the breadth of opportunities available within the store, as well as to underline the company’s experience and familiarity in the retail and servicing business.

We therefore had to create a wide range of in-store signs and hoardings. Directional signs within the shops would indicate retail sections and areas for servicing. For continuity with the external fascia of Halfords’ premises, we used various sizes of sentence-case orange lettering on black. These contrasted with white lettering for descriptions and statements, and blue for highlights and emphasis. We also made some outsized photo-based collages showing the various areas covered by the store, such as cycling and tools.

To carry out this project, we used digital printers to reproduce in-store graphics, which we applied to aluminium composite material (ACM). We chose this material because it’s very lightweight and durable, despite its low cost. We then suspended these POS displays in pre-determined sites around the stores. The various uniform square and rectangular displays were cut to size using a guillotine. We used CNC routers to generate shaped display panels in ACM and PVC foam. Our in-house paint plant was put to work applying various different paint finishes. These were required for the reverse of the single-sided display items, and the supporting metal framework.

The work took us four weeks to complete, and we found the scope of the project quite a challenge! It required us to survey more than 100 sites at the same time, and to manufacture thousands of graphics panels. So as not to disrupt Halfords’ customers, we were asked to carry out all the installations overnight. It took us more than 30 nights to install all of the 100+ sites, sometimes completing up to six site installations in one night. In addition, all sites needed access equipment for the installations – from cherry pickers to scissor lifts. Of course, all of this had to fit into the stores.

Services Rendered

Router Cutting
Timber Fabrication
Vinyl Printing

“Graffiti have become a main contractor for the supply and install of external/internal signage through all formats within our stores. They’re consistent in delivery and quality, with great customer service at all times. It is very rare to find a contractor who delivers on time, cost and quality whilst maintaining a positive relationship with the client.”

Graham Mallard – Project Manager, Halfords