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Graffiti Completes First Coffee Republic – Illuminated Retail Signs

The installation of the new Coffee Republic illuminated retail signs was completed this week by Graffiti Design. Coffee Republic’s franchises keep expanding as the latest addition to the high street chain is on Cowley Road, Oxford.

This is the first site by Graffiti Design and there are a few more, around London, on the radar. The signage is made of pushed through opal acrylic text, with the faces of ‘Republic’ covered with painted aluminium inset by 10mm. The letters are pushed through an ACM tray with internal fluorescent tubing for illumination. Two fascias were manufactured for the Oxford site and there is also an LED illuminated projecting sign to complete the set of external illuminated retail signs.

Internally, Graffiti produced two hanging canvas prints, a wall vinyl decor and a Perspex roundel with reverse cut vinyl. The interior printed works is something Graffiti Design is now extremely accustom to, having completed a vast amount for many of the blue chip client base, especially Fat Face, Brighton & Hove Albion and Monsoon Accessorize.

The signage for Coffee Republic is simple, only using three different colours, yet extremely affective. It stands out on the high street and still remains stylish and not overworked. This is another project that the specification has suited Graffiti Design. Illuminated retail signs are all in a day’s work for the chaps in the factory and we certainly look forward to working with Coffee Republic in the future and on more sites. The Oxford site is due to open within the next month.

Massive New Monsoon Illuminated Signage

Graffiti Design has recently completed the new Monsoon signage for Monsoon Kingston store. The main side of the massive fascia stretched over 34 metres long with two projecting signs and four sets of illuminated built up letters.

This site is part of the continued rollout of the newly rebranded Monsoon Accessorize signage that Graffiti Design won back in March 2012. Now that the initial Olympic rollout has been successfully completed, Graffiti have been working through the major sites in the Monsoon Accessorize estate.

Kingston was just one of a number of the key sites for the worldwide fashion retailer; others have included Accessorize Euston Station, Kings Road London and Taunton. More sites are on the horizon and now in manufacture, Canary Wharf, Windsor and Crawley will be completed with the next couple of weeks.

The illuminated signage at Kingston was complex not just because of the size, but also the splay around the corner of the building. The powder coated aluminium trays were over 1.3 metres in height, and reached a little over 42 metres in length. There were four different sets of illuminated letters on the fascia, ranging from a cap height of 240mm over the door, to the main set which was 1.2 metres.

All the letters and both projecting signs were internally illuminated using LEDs, and diffused with opal acrylic. The job took over two nights to install because of the sheer size of the panels and letters.

The fascia also included the new Monsoon Children logo, in a very attractive illuminated blue. The other two sites where Graffiti has manufactured and installed the Monsoon Children fascia are Regent Street and Kings Road. The ‘Monsoon’ remains as built up illuminated letters although ‘Children’ is manufactured as pushed through illuminated letters, so they appear flush with the rest of the fascia.

Graffiti Design has also been working on samples of the illuminated built up letters to be sent out Egypt for Monsoon, as the retailer spreads it wings to the Middle East.

Weird Fish – Halo Illuminated Sign

Over the last week couple of weeks, Graffiti Design has manufactured and fitted a halo illuminated sign for the up-and-coming retailer Weird Fish in Portsmouth’s Gunwharf Quays.

Colin Pestell, project manager and Chairman of Graffiti, met and discussed in depth the possibilities for the signage with Weird Fish. After the specification and design was approved, manufacture begun.


Graffiti Design was swimming with the tide on this project, specialising in built up illuminated letters and logos, this type of project was ideal. The Weird Fish signage consisted of built up aluminium letters all stove enamelled a dark blue, then given a distressed effect finish to the face, with SloanV180 series LEDs fitted and with a polycarb backing letter to provide the halo illumination. The logo was again stove enamelled aluminium, this time with face and halo illumination.

Both parts of the sign were fitted to an ACM back tray that had a digitally printed laminate applied to the face to give a certain pattern that was desired by Weird Fish. The letters  and logo were stood off the panel to achieve the full affect.

The install took place overnight in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth’s designer retail park. It is a new store for Weird Fish which is due to open on the 26th October 2012, as part of their growth and expansion plan. Weird Fish currently have 10 independent trading stores, which Portsmouth is the 11th, and over 20 other concessions and stockists throughout the UK.

This well executed project will again hopefully turn into another fruitful and longstanding relationship for Graffiti Design which the company enjoys with many of their clients. This site down in Portsmouth follows a previous White Stuff that Graffiti completed back in 2010 which again was halo illuminated.

Corporate Signs completed for Edwards

Last week we finished the installation of the corporate signs at Edwards` Global Technology Centre. We were approached by Steve Hayes, facilities Manager initially back in the summer this year. The brief was to design, build and install signage that would represent the global technology centre as a place of high innovation and design, to welcome people from all over the world

The purpose of the signs was to help visitors find their way around the site. We primarily did this by using monolith signs. At 1.5m tall they are perfect for directing traffic around a large site and being made from aluminium means they are durable and look very smart. The monoliths are also curved to provide a smart professional finish, 5 monoliths in total were used across the site

Another major feature of the signage at Edwards is the large illuminated letters which are 6 metres in width across the front of the building and 3.5 metres across the back of the building. The purpose of these signs is to brand the site as Edwards Global technology Centre, they are illuminated with energy efficient LEDs which means that they have a low running cost and are environmentally friendly to fit in with the green ethos of the site.

All the signs were fitted in one week including all the ground works and the front letters which were 15metres high and required a cherry picker to get access to the location of the letters and a complicated wiring fit out to ensure that the letters received sufficient power to fully illuminate.

We have so far received some good feedback from Edwards that the signs look “brilliant” and they will be looking to add more internal signage to the site as the project progresses.